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DOWNEY – When patrons come to Donas, they come for an experience rather than deep-fried flour draped in sugar. 

Whether it’s to take a selfie with the pastel decor, or to try the purple, glittery-goodness, also known as Bidi Bidi Bom Boms, made in honor of the late Chicaña superstar Selena, something is possessing people to come from far and wide to experience Downey’s newest foodie destination. 

David and Ashley Vazquez, along with Ashley’s sister, Amber Bobadilla, combine to create a truly a terrific trio. Together they have cooked up a perfect recipe for success. 

So far, the family has launched two successful dessert ventures in two years and plan to open new locations in the Valley very soon. 

They have managed to blend classic Mexican flavors and incorporate them into innovative doughnut recipes. Their uniquely Mexican twist on the classic American dessert has food fanatics in a frenzy.

Don’t get it twisted: Their phenomenon isn’t cultural appropriation by any means, regardless of what some may claim. 

Everything from the ingredients, to the employees, to the owner’s intentions, are authentic and of the highest quality. 

Photo by William Odis Martin

Photo by William Odis Martin

Their first shop, Horchateria Rio Luna, opened its doors in February 2016 and has since garnered a huge following on social media by capturing the hearts and stomachs of South Los Angelenos who have been long underserved when it comes to artisan eateries. 

“Me and my wife were always going out to Long Beach or downtown LA because that’s where all the cool and trendy shops were. When we started Horchateria, we wanted to bring that vibe of a Downtown LA coffee shop to the city of Paramount, where we grew up,” says David. “Now with Donas, it is kind of the same thing. We wanted to bring our unique twist on speciality donuts to the community of Downey.”

Even they could not have planned for the hype created by a FoodBeast feature that ran online earlier this month. Since then, the little doughnut shop has gone viral and made them an overnight success, luring customers from as far away as Las Vegas and the Bay Area. 

But not everything has been sweet and easy for the startup doughnut shop. 

While Horchateria was thriving, the first six months at Donas were slow, according to David. They were losing money daily but with a bit of resilience and the glory of social media, everything began to turnaround for them earlier this month. 

Photo by William Odis Martin

Photo by William Odis Martin

The world was introduced to their picturesque pastries when FoodBeast featured them on their social media platform in a now-viral video. That same day, they ran out of doughnuts for the first but not the last time.

You don’t have to be a glutton for glitter or a hypebeast to appreciate their craft doughnuts, but expect to pay premium prices for their high-quality products. 

When the shop was in its early infancy, a couple customers complained that the doughnuts were too expensive or too stale, according to some Yelp reviews, but now people are complaining that the doughnuts are always sold out. 

In a sense it is a good problem to have, but a problem nonetheless. 

Donas is located at 8636 Imperial Hwy. in Downey. 

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