On the Table: Dreaming of doughnuts | Cheyenne Edition – Colorado Springs Gazette

“David Donald Doo dreamed a dozen doughnuts and a duck-dog, too,” wrote Dr. Suess. Doughnuts have been on our minds as of late. We’re musing about them. We’re dreaming about them. We’ve been commiserating with David Donald Doo.

On the Table: Ring in fall with Aunt Deb’s peach dumplings

Recently, we ordered two dozen doughnuts from a locally owned/operated doughnut shop. That’s a lot of doughnuts, and it cost us $50. We thought, come on, can it be that hard? Do they really need to cost so much? So, we decided to see for ourselves. But don’t take our word for it. If you’re feeling rather adventurous, or maybe if you’re empathetic to ol’ David D. Doo, jump in and give this Cook’s Illustrated recipe a go.