Krispy Kreme helps out cops who lost donuts in delivery truck fire – WBRZ

LEXINGTON, KY – Krispy Kreme has stepped up to fill the donut-shaped hole left in the hearts of some Kentucky lawmen after they lost a truckload of pastries on New Year’s Eve.

Earlier this week, the Lexington Police Department shared photos from the scene of a fire involving a Krispy Kreme delivery truck. No one was hurt, but the delivery truck’s load of donuts were seemingly turned to ash.

Playing on the age-old stereotype that police love donuts(but really, who doesn’t?), the officers took photos of themselves jokingly “mourning” the loss of the confections.

The photos went viral in a matter of hours, prompting a response from the donut distributor. And on Thursday, the officers got a full-on care package from the company.

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