Is Dunkin’ Donuts open on New Year’s? – FanSided

Looking for coffee and donuts to help welcome 2019 (or recover from saying goodbye to 2018)? Find out if Dunkin’ Donuts is open on New Year’s Day.

There’s nothing like a cup of coffee or hot chocolate with a donut, and for fans of Dunkin’ Donuts it’s part of a daily routine. Thankfully, the chain is open on New Year’s Day for all of your coffee and donut needs.

America does indeed run on Dunkin’, and when you need a bite to eat after a long night of ringing in the New Year, it’s nice to know that Dunkin’ Donuts has your back. Restaurants will be open on New Year’s Day with hours varying by location. Be sure to call ahead because some locations might open a bit later than usual given the late night nature of the holiday.

Dunkin’ has been reinventing itself lately, increasing the variety on its menu to include various lunch items in addition to its traditional breakfast options. They also have great deals where you can get two items for five dollars or less, making it an ideal place to stop if you’re on a post-holiday budget or need to get food for the whole family.

Another benefit is that you can find Dunkin’ Donuts locations almost anywhere, so you’re guaranteed to find a spot to eat as you head home from the big celebrations. Keep in mind that locations within airports and transit centers will be open to serve holiday travelers looking for food as they make their way home.

New Year’s Day isn’t a holiday that sees many store and restaurant closures, though it’s not uncommon to see modified holiday schedules so that employees can make it into work a little later given that many people are up late to ring in the New Year.