Hurts Donuts raises over $37,000 for Hosette and Cain family in Clinton – KWQC-TV6

Bettendorf, IA (KWQC) – For today, Davenport and Bettendorf’s firefighters have traded putting out fires to cook with fire. They’re volunteering their time at Hurts Donut in Bettendorf to make special fundraising donuts.

‘We’re just here to help some firefighting brothers who have been in one case killed in the line of duty and in another case injured. so we’re just trying to do our part to help their families out,” says Davenport Firefighter Jim Laban.

The line outside Hurts extended outside the door for hours. And Bettendorf Firefighter Brian Moriarty says the large turnout is because people want to give back the same way the volunteers want to help. “I’m just glad that I can do my part to help the families, and I think that’s kind of how everyone feels out here. that they just want to help out in any way that they can,” Moriarty told TV6.

The support extends outside of just the Quad Cities. Ciara Delever drove from Calamus, Iowa to be a part of the fundraising efforts.

“We have our own small little fire department where I live, and I know how much it would mean to me if people were fundraising if we lost one of our members. I mean buying a couple donuts it’s just the little things that count,” says Delever.

Allison Samuelson is a Quad Cities resident. She says she has close friends that are firefighters. And when her friends joined a department she cooked dinner for the firehouse.

“You just feel connected and you know they’re there if you need them,” Samuelson told TV6.

Many of the firefighters volunteering at Hurts have never met Adam or Eric.

“We’re just trying to show that no matter where you’re from or what station you’re assigned to or what department you’re with – career or volunteer – that we truly do love each other regardless of you know what goes on on calls and in the world,” says Davenport Firefighter Nick Ulloa.

Firefighters are just a phone call away for anyone, and any stranger, who needs them. And they say it’s the selfless acts of kindness that can help to bring our polarized world together.

“What we do is pretty selfless,” says Ulloa. “When you do something for others, you know what I mean, that kind of lives on. and with firefighters everywhere we’re here to give back and give to the community. and when you see this going on it just kind of proves that that statement has never been truer.”

And it was clear as people spoke to each other as they waited in line. And firefighters waved at residents from across a glass. That people come together because of selfless acts of kindness.

Hurts Donut in Bettendorf says it sold 11,411 fundraising donuts. And that cash donations totaled $3,420.26. The total fundraising amount raised to be split among both the Hosette and Cain family is $37,653.26.

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