Despite the rain, many came out for the annual Donut Drop in downtown Hagerstown – WDVM 25

HAGERSTOWN, Md. – The donut dropped and the fireworks erupted in the sky.

“Seeing it come down and getting a little bite to eat,” said Richard Brown, a Hagerstown resident. 

This was part of the Krumpe’s Donut Drop in Hagerstown. Krumpe’s Do-Nuts, High Rock and Middletown Valley Bank collaborated to make the event a reality.

“The community has just done a great job, with different things and were just happy to be part of this event and bring in the new year with our community,” said Kelli Deitrich, Middletown Valley Bank. 

During the night, the crowd was entertained by Staff Infection, a local Hagerstown band.

There were also actives for kids of all ages, but a major draw was the free donuts. Krumpe’s Do-Nuts gave out 5,000 donuts to everyone who wanted one.

“I’ve been out here partying and having a good time. We’re live, we should come on out, there’s a lot of stuff for the kids, Krumpe Do-Nuts and everything,” said Larry King, a Hagerstown resident.

The event was also special because Sprint and Children in Need were able to collect clothes for children.

“We’ve given a lot of clothes away and served a lot of children and look forward to doing more of it,” said Anne Martin, from Children in Need.

“Chance to start over new next year, and reset the set clean and find new ways to give back and help out,” said Stephen Schutte, from Sprint. 

James Shields enjoyed the night, but has a special message for everyone for the start of the new year.

“Let’s try to all come together, so we can make this community a better place for all of us, put our differences aside and come together and lets work with each other,” said Shields, a Hagerstown resident.

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