11-year-old visits 41 states handing out doughnuts to cops to say thanks – CBS42.com

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) — An 11-year-old boy from Florida is making his way across the United States to show his appreciation to law enforcement for all of their hard work and service through a program he started, “I donut need a reason to thank a cop.”

Tyler Carach, 11, and his mom started this journey after Tyler saw four officers in a local store and wanted to use his allowance to thank them by buying them doughnuts two years ago. Thus, his program started.

“I think we are so proud of Tyler and as his parents it’s good to see that at such a young age, he is already learned compassion and thats what this is all about, making sure these people who go out and risk their lives for total strangers know that they are appreciated and they are loved and they are loved and that we really admire them  for what they do,” Sheena Carach, Tyler’s mother said. 

Tyler”s mom says so far he has been to 41 states and given out about 75,000 doughnuts to law enforcement.


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