11 pastry chefs reveal their favorite doughnuts – INSIDER

Some believe you simply can’t beat the classic glazed doughnut from Krispy Kreme.

This is Krispy Kreme’s signature offering. AP Photo/Nell Redmond

The cinnamon old-fashioned doughnut from Do-Rite in Chicago, Illinois, is this pastry chef’s favorite.

Do-Rite is known for serving doughnuts and chicken. Yelp/Do-Rite Donuts & Chicken

Danielle Marelli, pastry chef of Travelle at the Langham, told INSIDER that her favorite doughnut is an old-fashioned that’s dusted with cinnamon sugar from Do-Rite, a fried-chicken and doughnut shop in Chicago, Illinois.

“It’s perfectly crunchy on the outside and so soft inside,” she told INSIDER, adding that the doughnut’s exterior is the best part.

This pastry chef agrees that vanilla-glazed doughnuts are a classic for a reason.

This pastry chef said he loves how soft these doughnuts are. iStock

“My favorite doughnut is a classic vanilla-glazed. I love how soft they are and the vanilla glaze offers a perfect amount of sugar without being too sweet, especially if they have orange or lemon zest,” Santiago Torres, executive pastry chef of LondonHouse in Chicago, Illinois, told INSIDER.

“They are the perfect breakfast,” he added.

Some chefs stand by the simplicity of an old-fashioned doughnut.

It has a cake doughnut as its base. Pixabay

“My all-time favorite doughnut is an old-fashioned cake doughnut with a maple glaze,” said Syd Berkowitz, a pastry chef located in Denver, Colorado. This old-fashioned variety is usually a cake doughnut made with flour, sugar, eggs, sour cream, and leavening agent.

This Florida-based pastry chef opts for the white-chocolate tres-leches doughnut from The Salty Donut in Miami, Florida.

The doughnut is brioche-based. Yelp/Severina H

Jessica Scott, the corporate executive pastry chef of Barton G. Restaurants, said her favorite doughnut is from The Salty Donut, a shop located in Miami, Florida.

She said she particularly favors The Salty Donut’s white-chocolate tres-leches flavor, explaining that it’s “the perfect combination of an on-the-go morning pastry and a full-on plated dessert.”

“The brioche-based doughnut is soaked in rum and milk, with the bottom dipped in white chocolate. [Then, it’s] topped with a toasted meringue and tart fruit,” she explained.

Apple fritters offer a perfect blend of textures, spices, and fruit, according to this chef.

These deep-fried pastries are usually filled with diced apples. Flickr/Laurel L. Russworm

“I love a good apple fritter. Just the smell, to me, is the first signal of fall. The apple fritter is the perfect balance between fruity and sweet. [And it’s] deep-fried (like all good doughnuts should be), crisp at the edges, and fluffy in the center,” explained cookbook author Tiffany La Forge, pastry chef of Parsnips and Pastries.

“In my opinion, a good apple fritter should be glazed, perfumed with cinnamon sugar, and paired with a strong coffee,” she told INSIDER.

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